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Quick Review: American Gods Ep1 [No Spoilers]

Yeah I totally have a dissertation and a script for a conference to write but hey, you know what, I watched American Gods instead. Think I did pretty well to get to Thursday night tbh.

Ok so first twenty minutes you’re bathing in the beauty of their character introductions. Succinct, not intrusive, but still information enough to set the scene and even have character development in just the first episode *mwah* Perfect. BUT you’re sitting their and the music is all twinkly, cymbals, violins aka just-so-Hannibal. It’s very disappointing when it makes you believe that Bryan Fuller has turned into a whiny child and seized American Gods just to create whatever beautifulness was to follow when Hannibal got cancelled. And all that with jarring CGI blood, cheesy CGI inserts (see waves in glasses) and lovely transitions that remind you of La La Land for some reason.

The disappointment does not last long however. It is merely a foil for the heights of this program and the emotional rollercoaster it can take you on in it’s opening hour. I almost cried, and then I almost cried with laughter, the production team have excelled themselves. The rest of the soundtrack is a treat, an absolute journey through (I believe mainly American) music.

You ain’t seen acting till you see this, absolutely astounding so far, especially Ian McShane (who btw I’ve never seen in anything else) and Pablo Schreiber who does an absolutely beautiful job at capturing all of Mad Sweeney. There’s an extra treat too for readers of the book in Sweeney and Shadow’s chat, if I remember rightly, an almost exact lift of dialogue from the book.

Basically, I can’t wait for more, bring on next Monday!




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Quick: Something that was totally not supposed to be my next post

So, tweeting, a lot (William Shatner has replied to me twice, Timothy Omundson and Brad Barker have liked 2 tweets each, had a convo with David Slack, and a discussion over NYT’s lexis choice with Yogscast Hannah/Lomadia; #actuallyspeechless) and suddenly up on my feed pops a Polygon link to a Final Fantasy 7: Oral History.

Now, I have no interest in FF, never have, never even knew they existed till 2/3years ago so I’ve never played any, at all. But the featured pic grabbed me:


This is, according to my very quick research, a conceptual sketch for FF7 by Yoshitaka Amano, artist for many of the FF games among other work such as the absolutely exquisite The Sandman: Dream Hunters, by Neil Gaiman, currently occupying a prime position on my bookshelves, and in my heart.

As soon as I saw this though, I could think of nothing but Chris Riddell’s wonderful illustration for Gaiman’s The Sleeper and the Spindle, a take upon the good old Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.. ish. What struck me was the similarity to the same bed scene in this later book, though heaven forbid I actually be able to find a pic of it online now to compare against! And no, to my shame, I haven’t actually bought it yet. Here is a similar picture that if I’m right, occurs just after the page I’m thinking of:


It is possible that I am completely misrembering from my quick scan through at Waterstones, when I decided to come back and buy it later, (I will update this post when I have actually bought it) buuuuuut, I am so very interested to know, if I’m correct, why this stylistic choice was made. Knowing nothing of FF7 I can only guess at it’s possible implications, and as I can find nothing anywhere comparing them- I’m stuck.