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I’m not sure what to write, or how.

I still want to do Sabrine but my only initial idea there was the changes of memory through time – fine – along with the end climax story. However; how to keep it interesting until tat point, because I don’t just want it to be a one issue thing. I want an issue per memory theory that I want to explore and learn about, and then the climax story that explores my view of the way sci-fi has developed to treat memory.

But if that’s the climax story, one assumes there must be stories before it. And if I am just following one character, then how can I make it so that they have a story in each timeline? A story that pertains to the theory on memory that I am exploring, without verging into absolute crack/sci-fi/fantasy.

Unless; I also do a fitting genre per issue too. So based on time period genre, or a genre that would explore memory in the same way that the theory I want to focus on explores it. That could work. And then the plot would fit into whichever genre it was, whichever memory theory it, and would be able to stand-alone. I.e. you would be able to (ironically) forget Sabrine’s issue and follow the plot through as a one-shot kind of thing, or you remember her issue but can see how she would work around it and follow this story.

As the stories will likely be presented as a collection of her notes, or such like, the idea of different genres isn’t too outrageous as it would just be how her then-self compiled them.

And how they were passed down.

Right, well that’s settled then. All I need now is some actual research into memory studies O.o