I can create, I will create, I will be what I want to, and what I need to be.

I will be what I am in my head.

I will take what it is in my head and bring it out, for people to see, like I design for them to do so.

And it doesn’t have to be good, original, or my actual job.

It doesn’t have to be intellectual.

It doesn’t have to be important.

It can be nonsense, and ridiculous, and vain, and stupid, and simple, and uncreative, BUT it will be creation, it will be mine, and it will be good, for some, for me.

That’s why I enjoy it so much isn’t it? Creating nonsense things. There’s no pressure to perform when it’s self-designed nonsense (stories of walruses and bowler hats, the Gospel of Drawing (Pin), Flag Pole the Galactic Bear, essays on onions and friends).

I’ve said it’s me, but it’s not, it’s just free, free from the pressure to perform, to meet a standard.

So that’s what I’m aiming for now; the standard of not performing to a standard, not for my work, not for me.

Just Creating, in whatever way I can, or feel like.



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