Kaleidoscope: Cohen, Trump, Palmer, Collins

I get it, right? I get the pessimism, the gloom and doom, I get the fear. I get the danger and the freedom. But you know what? It shouldn’t take the ‘devil’ being voted in as President of the United States for us to be this philanthropic.

There have been violent reactions, hateful reactions, riots and protests, to President Trump’s election. And there have been peaceful, beautiful, optimistic, loving responses too.

Last night, I cried with people all around the world at the news of Leonard Cohen’s death (he’s so important to this family, really has affected a lot for us), whilst Periscope connected us in our grief, Amanda Palmer cried with us as her husband read Goodnight Moon to soothe us all.

A friend of mine, a lamp in the darkness, made a post listing organisations that you can donate to that are prob going to be targeted by Republican reforms, encouraging support as they’re definitely going to need it.

Misha Collins, ever the proponent of philanthropy through fandom, has requested donations for the homeless be brought by fans to the Supernatural convention. They will then be distributed, and is attributed to a need to do good this week.

It’s almost an apology from us all isn’t it? Apologising for failing our liberal ideals, failing our selves in not voting for equality, freedom and safety. Here, have a week, or two, or three, of us being truly active, truly philanthropic, truly combative of these injustices that we’ve posted about, tweeted about, petitioned about, i.e. effectively done nothing about.

It shouldn’t take something like this for us to realise that we aren’t actually doing anything, that we need to do more, and that we goddamn well can do something. We can achieve, we can help, we can solve peacefully but effectively – And we’re going to forget this in about 20days max.. Which is a shame, but I have no faith left in people’s constancy or resolve when in comfort.


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