Youtube Idols


It’s been a godsdamned age since I last posted, my apologies. I thought I’d better write something even if it’s just more guff and not an actual planned article – these are just supposed to be articles of reflection anyway so hey-ho.

Today the subject for reflection is Youtubers.

I love youtube in general, it’s a nice way to communicate with others (in yes a very narcissistic way but then isn’t any sort of blogging, vlogging, posting on social media in general, writing postcards, publishing memoirs and autobiographies, etc.) and explore the things you love whether from the position of a content creator, or a consumer. I have a few favourite youtubers who I watch on a regular basis and I shouldn’t really list them all with the reasons I like them but um, I’m going to so well done to anyone who perseveres through the rest a this one! [Turns out it’s only a top 3]

Ali Spagnola – Only been following her for about 2 weeks but already so in love holy shit. So she is a singer, artist and does a compilation of her snapchats weekly which is great for nonsnappers like me! Her latest “This Bitch is a No-Tits Fame Whore” snippet is fucking brilliant and I can’t wait for the whole video. My favourite thing tho is just how fucking motivational she is; kickboxing, cycling, her art, and all that while having an active social life and encouraging others to do what they love. It’s so wonderful and now I just really want to finally set up my own fitness routine, get back to uni and join a few exercise classes – and I’ll be watching Ali to remind me it’s my own positive thing, not for anyone else.

Oh and did I mention she’s also beautiful, that helps 😉

Oh and she has a Patreon so fuck yes, wonderful!

Dodger – Again, really fucking motivational beautiful woman, I see a trend starting.. Anyway, her Saturday Morning Doogers are great community discussions with her, including a lil run down of her week which includes the negative sides of her week and I think really encourage people to share their own experiences as well as showing people that you can get through those negative times. The community that’s formed around her is really welcoming, and she discusses her plans for her channel to gauge their reactions which is a lovely creator-audience relationship that I love to see. Her game playthroughs and craft streams are also great, though I really wish she’d do a few cooking ones if she wanted to because her love for food is as inspiring as everything else she does. Her Gaming Newz round up of the week’s gaming industry news, obvs, is one of the few ways I keep a tab on the industry and I really have learnt a lot about how the industry is changing and the reliance on audience opinions that are going to continue to be influential.

TotalBiscuit – Now, I don’t watch a lot of TB, I hardly watch the Co-optional Podcast (with him, Jesse Cox, Dodger and a guest) but the Content Patches and other analyses he does are just so interesting that he is worth noting here. The Content Patches are very similar to Dodger’s Gaming Newz except less often and approach the news from a more consciously analytic angle. Then you have the analysis of game journalism controversies and other game stuffs like the violence and vid games causation-correlation fallacy report which I loved. Really interesting discussions of topics related to gaming in some way, inspirational perseverance and someone else that’s just doing the thing they love.


There are of course other lovely talented people that I watch regularly: Jesse Cox; Hannah Rutherford/Lomadia; NettyPlays; Caff: all very inspirational and motivational with their work ethics.





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