1.17 MCU and DW

A really quick, quite late (1.17am) post because hmf.

Latest Peter Capaldi post by Radiotimes, which no, I haven’t read caz I’m not giving them the hits for something with the tagline “He’s just like you”. Title: “Peter Capaldi has his own secret DW fan theories”, tagline: “He’s just like you!”

Just, so many issues with this, glaringly am I three years old, does there need to be an exclamation mark on that phrase? It sounds like a mother encouraging their kid to try to make friends with someone at school whom they don’t particularly want to be friends with (which tbh also roughly describes half the fandom’s dynamic with Capaldi&Co. anyway). It comes to something when you’re having to convince a fandom that an actor is just like them, like seriously.

And if you are trynna convince us, “secret DW theories”? Babe, there ain’t nothing secret about a Whovian’s theories, whether they’re a NuWho or no, they will tell everyone they godsdamn meet if they’re in anyway excited about their theories (which, trust me, they will be). And whilst we’re on it, it seems like rather a moot point as it’s just how advertising is conducted these days, a “secret” theory aint’ quite so secret when it’s published in a quite a renowned nationwide and online publication ay? Ya get me?


Other quick majig, the CapAm Civil War latest ad that’s like 15 seconds long. I was horrified at first, lovely dramatic close-ups on males heroes faces with dramatic lighting; then the singular female hero (Scarlet Witch) to feature in the ad is displayed to us, roughly the same amount of body but turning towards the camera like they’re being shown off like a doll or model or some shit. Horrified, I was because this is threatening sexualisation of the singular female heroine, whose expression also betrays fear rather than the stoic expressions of the preceeding males.

Then, just to fuel the queerbaiting, you have the Bucky finally appearing at roughly the same interval after her appearance, with the same shot set up – being displayed to the screen with a rotation towards front-facing, although his expression betrays no fear whatsoever.

CapAm ends the ad with a head slowly lowered into darkness. It would have been an effective ad, beautifully shot, very powerful. Would.


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