6116 We begin.

My first actual post on here may as well be a personal one. Yes, I created this blog a few years ago, but decided to stick with the blogger version after having a small try of each site’s features. At the time, it seemed to me like you had to pay to do pretty much anything you wanted to on wordpress, so the levels of customisation on blogger seemed the better choice.

But you know what? This site is cleaner, more respected and I need a fresh start for all my ramblings without having to delete all my posts in order to keep the same blog name; Articles of Reflection.

The title is pretty vague but it’s also very apt. This blog is for all manner of reflections I choose to make on life, film, literature, art, probably some other random stuff at some point, you know just the ushe for an English BA student.

Speaking of, been entirely out of it since handing in my essay this afternoon. I say since; I was out of it whilst writing, the whole writing process is very hazy and only lasted 2.5 days when it should have been most of the Christmas holiday (note to self; no you can’t fit writing an essay in around a family that contains a toddler brother, not with your amounts of motivation anyway). Almost cried on the way back from handing it in just because it was finally over and my brain had no idea how else to react.

[I have just noticed wordpress has a word count as you go along writing, I love you wordpress]

*sigh* Tea, cake, writing; what more could I want from the wind-down after a day of editing?



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